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Welcome to my Bobcat Utilities Web site. I started setting up this site over a year ago but other projects have intervened and it's still not finished and neither are some of the programs I eventually intend to put here. In spite of not making the site URL public and to my surprise I seem to be getting a trickle of visitors which must prove that all those web search engines can track sites down anyway.  As I get time the site will be enhanced and in the meantime feedback as to whether you want more information etc. will be appreciated..

This site currently contains information about, and downloads for, various utility programs that I have written for either my own use or the use of others, and that may be of more general interest.

The currently (or soon to be) available programs are:

CQCopyQuick is a small utility to help you easily regularly make backup copies of files by making and storing  lists of the files you want copied.  CopyQuick works under both Windows 95/98 and NT/2000. There are many similar utilities available but one of the main advantages of CopyQuick is the way file lists can be saved and later loaded quickly with as little as two mouse clicks.

Membership Manager is a Database tool to manager small single table databases as may be used for small organizations to manage membership lists. 

Diskmole  A utility for windows 9x using the FAT file system that can examine a disk contents at low level.  It can edit the disk, recover deleted files (providing that new data has not overwritten the file) and even recover data from corrupted disks

DiskClean  A utility to clean deleted data from FAT disks.  Normally when you delete a file only the means to locate the file are deleted and experts can in many cases recover the contents of your files.  If for any reason you want to make sure deleted data is really deleted from your disk then you should try DiskClean.

Delphi Bits Software Developers who use Borland Delphi will know that the world is full of a huge resource of programming tips and examples contributed by other Delphi users.  Here are a some little examples of programs with sample code that I have put together mainly by picking up bits of sample code and modifying it for my own use.  You are welcome to take the code and modify for your own use.

Purchase of some of the above programs can be made on the Shareit site. See each programs page for a direct link to the product page or for an old fashioned order form that can be faxed or mailed to Shareit.  Other inquiries for multiple licenses etc. can be made via email to

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