CQCopyQuick is a utility to help you easily regularly make backup copies of files by making and storing  lists of the files you want copied.  CopyQuick works under both Windows 95/98 and NT/2000.  To give you a better idea about how CopyQuick works several Screenshots are available. There are many similar uitilities available but one of the main advantages of copyquick is the way file lists can be saved and later loaded quickly with as little as two mouse clicks.

The first release of version 1.0b of CopyQuick is now available for download and you may have found this site from such a download.   The trial version is fully featured but with a 30 day expiry period.   I hope that all the testing I have done means that this version is robust but never the less there are maybe a few changes that you may wish to suggest.  The version for download on this site may be later than that on Shareware download sites, compare the date and version on your existing download with the download details below.


You may purchase a single user license for CopyQuick online via ShareIt program registration services for $19.95 by clicking Here.  If you wish to purchase from ShareIt by traditional methods use the form in Order.txt included with the shareware distribution.

For information about multiuser, site or enterprise licenses please Email Bobcat Utilities.

For information about discount pricing for Non Profit Organizations please Email Bobcat Utilities.  Along with the number of copies required etc please briefly indicate the nature of your organization or include a link to you web page if you have one.

If you support or sell to small or home office sites you may wish to purchase a royalty free redistributable version of CopyQuick.  This can include you information in the distributor section of the Help|About box. Information can include a small version of your logo (80x80 bitmap max), physical and web contact detail. Email you requirements to Bobcat Utilities.

If you wish to purchase direct from Bobcat Utilities in a traditional manner with a paper order and cheque in $US or Euro then please Email Bobcat Utilitiess for instructions indicating your preferences.  By keeping CopyQuick free of flashy bitmap images and splashscreens which can bloat program size the source ZIP file is sufficiently small that it can be delivered on floppy disk if necessary.


You Email suggestions and reports of any bugs or problems will be much appreciated in order to fine tune CopyQuick before it is available for general  purchase.


If you wish to download the latest CopyQuick Zip file (220kb) containing Version 1.0b please click here.  The help file in the download gives you more extensive information about CopyQuick and its use.



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