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Software Developers who use Borland Delphi will know that the world is full of a huge resourse of programming tips and examples contributed by other Delphi users.  Here are a some little examples of programs with sample code that I have put together mainly by picking up bits of sample code and modifying it for my own use.  You are welcome to take the code and modify for your own use.

IcoToBMP is a very small program that uses the ExtractIcon API call to get the icon from a program or icon file and save it as a small bitmap file.  It demonstrates accepting filenames by dropping into the program to start it and by dropping into the running program. The Download includes the compiled program and source code.

Merge Bitmaps is a program intended to produce progarm Icons from bitmaps.  It overlays a second bitmap over a first to produce a composite bitmap and can then save the resultant bitmap or convert it into an icon and save the result. The program demonstartes manipulation of bitmaps and the CreateIconIndirect API call for creating icons from bitmaps. The Download includes the compiled program and source code.

Here are some other bits that I have found useful and am happy to endorse for nothing:

My single most useful and easy to access source of program code example comes from the quarterly CD the UK Borland User Group at  It contains a huge amount of information and although rather expensive you can sometimes get it as a freebe (March - April in recent years) when pruchasing the Delphi Magazine back issues CD:

The Delphi Magazine back issue CD is available from and is produced annually and contains lots of  in depth articles and information, of course you can suscribe to get the monthly magazine if you wish.

All images on these pages have been converted from Bitpmaps to GIFs with BMPtoGIF from Develcor at

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